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Church of Craft - News and Questions

Hello all!

I know it's a little early for my monthly meeting note. And that's not why I'm sending this. I wanted to share a bit of good news with everyone. I'm currently talking with one of the founders of Church of Craft about getting our Kansas City group officially added to their website. This would give us the opportunity of having a newsletter option for the group instead of the different messages I leave every month in different communities.

I'm expecting a phone call from one of the girls this week so that I can tell her a bit about the Kansas City group and what we've been up to. Here's where the questions come in. I'd like to solicit ideas from everyone on things they'd like to see in this group. The Church of Craft is first and formost a group for Crafters and Artists, but it's also supposed to be an opportunity to have a group of like minded spiritual individuals. It's not about a specific religion be you Buddhist, Christian or Athiest, everyone is welcome to the Church of Craft. If you're curious about that though, as part of the Church of Craft affiliation, it was required of me to become ordained through the Universal Life Church, which has no official religious group affiliation. (You can call me Reverend if you'd like. :) haha!)

However, I want to ask if there's more you'd like to see from me as a leader. Ideas for crafts or lessons or charities you'd like to get involved with. If you have made it to a meeting, can you tell me what else you'd like to see us do? If you haven't been to a meeting yet, can you tell me what you'd like to see when you do come?

Most of all, it's supposed to be a community, and that means that I'm not necessarily a Leader as much as I am an Organizer. So, tell me your thoughts so I can be better prepared to make us an official part of the Church of Craft.

Also, as an aside, as soon as we get a spot on the official CoC website, I'll send out a notice so everyone can elect to receive the newsletter from the site, specifically for Kansas City. This will give everyone a much clearer line of communication instead of using the community here.

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