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Church of Craft Meeting - April 7th!

Our next Church of Craft meeting is this Saturday, April 7th. We're going to attempt a project this weekend, so I wanted to make a post with some details for those of you that weren't at our last meeting, or those of you that were but might not remember.

April 7th, 2007 2:30 - 4:30pm
Project: Make Your Own Journal, or Blank-Page Book
Meeting at: Urban Arts + Crafts in the shops at Briarcliff Village (send me an email if you need directions)

Cardboard – cut to the size of your book, folded in half.
Fabric – One piece large enough to cover the cardboard width-wise three times.
Paper – At least 20 pieces cut just slightly smaller than your cardboard cover piece
Regular Desk Stapler or Needle and thread (I used crochet thread)
Ribbon or other embellishments

I really hope everyone can make it!!
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