tjstein (tjstein) wrote in kc_crafters,

Craft show tent needed

Well, here's a shot in the dark. My husband has a booth in the Overland Park Fall Festival this weekend. It's his first attempt at this and just now realized he probably needs a tent/canopy to keep his stuff out of the elements and to define his space a bit.

So, does anyone happen to have one and not be at a show or fair this weekend and would be willing to let us borrow or rent it? The show is Saturday only and we will take excellent care of it and all that. His space is 10'x10' and I think that's pretty standard for art fairs.

LJ is blocked for me at work so could you email me directly (tjstein at gmail dot com).

If you're interested in what he does, you can look at his website, he makes furniture and various other bits of wood items.

Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it greatly.

Updated: Thanks for the response...we have now purchased one of our own!
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